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Paid By The Hour

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The Safest Strategy to Consistently Profit In This Volatile Market

Building off the methods in the Learn To Fish Course Series, Paid By The Hour is a deep dive into what has become my dominant trading strategy in 2022.

  • As typical for all of my courses, this is presented in a clear, reliable and accessible method that anyone can understand and use
  • Explains the history of how the strategy was conceived and why it was driven by the market changes we are seeing
  • Provides a simple, proven method to reliably profit whether a stock is moving up or moving down
  • Works on virtually any tradeable instrument including Crypto
  • Eliminates the noise by showing how focusing on only 1 or 2 or a small handful of stocks can not only be extremely lucrative, but make you a much better trader
  • Generating two incomes out of one stock
  • Have more time for living and less being devoted to being in front of a screen

Learning to trade for consistent, reliable, income is the best pathway to having the Financial Freedom to Live Anywhere, and Leave Anything

Why Do You Need This eBook? 

  • 28 Pages of Content that quickly gets into the how and why and links everything you learned through the Learn To Fish series as well as my free ebook "Making Great Entries and Profitable Exits to get down to a simple, repeatable, and life friendly strategy you can use immediately
  • Also works as a standalone course in itself
  • Simplified and accessible, its presented in a manner that is quickly applicable
  • Follows the path from Risk Management and how to use that to double returns, to the genesis of Paid By The Hour and how it does the same while allowing you to profit consistently. Over and over and over again
  • Step by step on how to apply it
  • My own rotation of stocks that I apply this strategy to is provided
  • Reduce your screen time to a fraction of what you're doing today
  • Increase your win rate by trading less, but profiting more.
  • Limits your capital exposure risk significantly
  • Limits your exposure to adverse global events but allows you maximum ability to capitalize on them
  • Limits and virtually eliminates your need to do constant DD, or keep up with sector rotations, watchlists, alerts, news cycles and other distractions
  • Allows you to just focus on the trade, and being a better trader.
  • Allows you to step away from the need for alerts from others and trade completely independently.
  • For virtually all skill levels

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Paid By The Hour

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